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Energy Conservation

Our members are committed to saving energy and saving money. Since 2006, members have saved over 14 million kilowatt hours by replacing leaky windows, adding insulation, upgrading heat pumps, installing more energy efficient lighting, and upgrading old appliances.

Coos-Curry Electric is proud to administer many energy efficiency rebates which are funded by the Bonneville Power Administration. We can help our members save their energy dollars and improve their operating performance in many areas of their homes and businesses through these programs.

We are here to help you save energy and save money. Please see the links below for ways that you can take advantage of our programs, learn about new products, and better understand your energy consumption.

Conservation Rebate Programs

Washer/Dryer - Participation Guidelines and Rebate Application

Heat Pump Hot Water Heater - Participation Guidelines and Rebate Application

Ductless Heat Pump - Participation Guidelines and Rebate Application

Air Source Heat Pump -  Participation Guidelines  and PTCS Air Source Application

Duct Seal - Participation Guidelines and PTCS Duct Seal Application

Insulation -  Participation Guidelines  and Rebate Application

Window/Door - Participation Guidelines and Rebate Application

Manufactured Home -  Participation Guidlines  and Rebate Application

LED Lighting -  Participation Guidelines  and Rebate Application

Smart Thermostat - Participation Guidelines and Rebate Application

Commercial Lighting - Participation Guidelines

Irrigation Hardware - Rebate Application

Programs are funded by the Bonneville Power Administration. Funding for these programs is available on a first come-first served basis and availability is subject to change without notice.