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Round-Up Program

The Board of Directors and staff of Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, Inc. would like to thank members who have contributed to the "Round-Up Program" in the past. Contributions through this program have helped low-income members living in our communities pay their electric bills.

"Round-Up" works like this. Signing up to participate in the program means each month, your electric bill is automatically rounded up to the next dollar amount. For example, if your monthly electric bill was $74.32, it would be rounded up to $75.00 and the additional $.68 put into a special fund to be used to help qualifying individuals pay their electric bill. The money is collected locally and used locally – to help other CCEC members with families living in our communities. Start your contributions to Round Up early in the year so funds are available to help other members when they need it the most, typically during the winter months.

Contact any of our offices or fill the form below and get placed on the Round-Up Program today!

Sign Up For The Round-Up Program

Your contribution of less than $1 a month will help many in need of energy assistance. Each month, your electric bill will automatically be rounded up to the next dollar amount. The extra cents will be placed in a special fund to help qualifying individuals in need.

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